11 year old Kenyan boy among top finalists at the 2019 Holy Quran Awards

An 11-year-old Kenyan boy, Ally Abdinaasir Liga was the youngest finalist in this year’s International Holy Quran Awards. captialfm
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The Awards ceremony was held this past weekend at the Aga Khan Diamond Jubilee Hall in Tanzania.
The event, in its second year, saw 10 finalists competing for the top award of $5,000 (Sh500,000), which was eventually won by Zakaria Sheha Ally, a 16-year-old from Tanzania, reported Nairobi News.

Other finalists included, Amir Brinkhuis, 23, (South Africa), Shamsi Mwalimu Said, 19, (Zanzibar), Eltigan Mohamed Gobara, 20, (Sudan), Mohammed Alfaten Hasnil, 19, (Malaysia), Agirbas Mustafa Can, 13, (Turkey), Ehaab Mohammed Ebrahim, 23, (Yemen), Uwimana Yuusuf, 22, (Burundi) and Gafffari Mohamed, 14, (United Kingdom).

According to the organizes the event seeks to promote international Quran competitions with the cadres of arbitration along setting plans and programs that contribute to achieving advanced positions in Quranic competitions.

With most of these events happening in the Arab world, Tanzania is taking a lead in reversing that trend. The week-long event coincided with the Holy month of Ramadhan.

The Quran is an integral part of the fasting season. Indeed, Ramadhan is referred to as the month of the Quran, the Holy Book of Muslims revealed to the Prophet Mohammed through the Angel Jibril (Gabriel).

Muslims are expected to read loads of the Quran whiles contemplating on its meanings and acting according to its dictates.

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