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Web Analytics 101 – How to Get Started and Why You Need It

Does the term “web analytics” scare you or confuse you? Most people are intimidated with equating analytics with number-crunching. But, it is the backbone of everything that you do online. So, we will run you through what makes web analytics tick and how you can get started. Let’s say you own a clothing store. It […]

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World News

world news
Leaders are increasingly worried about the situation, as the Amazon is a vital absorber of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Brazil’s president has accused France and other countries of interfering and having a “colonialist mindset” as they express fears for the burning Amazon rainforest. The number of forest fires in Brazil since January – more than 74,000 – has increased by 83% compared with the same period last year, with smoke that is visible from […]

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Weasel Reveals Exact Number Of Kids He Has Fathered

Goodlyfe artiste Weasel Manizo relayed through an interview that he has only four kids. His number of offsprings has always been an matter of wild speculation. Previously tabloid have put his number above 20. But Weasel normally laughs it off. He recently welcomed a new baby with his baby mama. And that prompted the question […]

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Beckham facing new roadblock to build state-of-the-art venue for MLS club

The new MLS franchise is set to begin playing in the city of Miami next season after facing many problems. The latest problem Beckham is facing before Inter Miami FC takes the pitch for the first time has to do with the ground where the stadium is supposed to be built. A study by environmental […]

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Criminal Gang leaders arrested in Kampala

The Police in Kampala have in custody suspected ringleaders of a gang that operates around Nakivubo Channel, Entebbe Road, Owino Market stretch and Kisenyi. The gang leaders identified by one name Julius and Abdul, were arrested in an operation led by Central Police Station – CPS operations commander, Ivan Nduhura. According to Nduhura, the suspects […]

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