Zaake issues the first health status update while in the USA.

Mityana municipality member of paliament has released his first health status update since he went to the USA Last month for specialized treatment. This was in a statement he issued while in California.

Meanwhile, the National Unity Platform party legislature has said that he has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is as a result of several acts of torture from security agencies.

“I am carrying out intesive outpatient- activities in different hospitals. Expert medical doctors diagnosed me with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that is usually triggered and at the same time worsened by the torture ordeals I have been subjected to by Police and the military on several occasion,” Zaake said.

Regarding his sight, Zaake said “I was diagnosed with corneal abrasions (‘bruises’) where the cornea, the outermost layer of the eye, was injured by the chemical substance that security rogues sprayed in my eyes as they arrested me in April 2020,”

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He added; “I am now using antibiotic eye drops and creams which I apply 3 times a day so that I completely regain my eye-sight such that I won’t have to use glasses anymore.”

Having been of clutches for quite a long period of time, Zaake now has hope of working gentlely with out being aided.

“As for my leg, physicians are spontaneously controlling the paralysis in the muscle nerves, and gradually handling the alignment of my legs. I expect to fully recover in about 6 weeks from now. Hopefully,” Zaake said.

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