YouthAgenda: We condemn Police brutality, extrajudicial killings and violence in the strongest possible terms

As Youth from NUP, ANT, NRM, FDC, DP…We all want a better, peaceful and developed Uganda. This is what we envision as the youth of Uganda, therefore we MUST all condemn Police brutality and extrajudicial killings of innocent Ugandans and in equal measures, we do condemn violence by both youth and the Uganda police.

We call upon the Uganda Police to respect human rights and freedoms and not to incite violence through shooting live bullets into Ugandan youth. Uganda is here to stay even after elections or even after any of us, it is unfortunate that the people are supposed to protect lives of Ugandans are the ones killing these people they are supposed to protect.

The Government of Uganda should know that youth will always remain youth and leaving them to Police to handle them by shooting or beating does not make a difference especially in this difficult period where most of those who are supposed to be at School are at home trying to make ends meet not sure whether they are going back to School or not. Others lost their jobs or source of livelihood due to the lockdown, the economy had to slow down and Government should be looking at engaging these youth holistically to see that the economy does not only pick up but they have where to heck a living and they are engaged on a peer to peer approach to get pshycho-social support. Where we are as a Country, Government needs not just to invest in reclaiming the economy or jobs but also put in place counseling and guidance for the youth and Ugandans who lost their jobs and are fight so hard to survive through the waves.

We would like to as well call upon youth to concentrate on mobilising for their presidential candidates of choice and demonstrate the some much love and hope through the ballot and dialogue, than taking the line of bullet now. Yes, I know I am sounding a coward but trust me most of the cowards will live to enjoy the next Government even that one after Mr Museveni Yoweli Kaguta Tibuhaburwa.

Those who support Presidential candidates of your choice whether Mr Mugisha Muntu, Mr Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi), Mr Museveni Yoweli, Kaguta Tibuhaburwa, Mr Henry Tumukunde, Mr Fred Mwesigwa, Mr Nobert Mao, Mr John Katumba and others, please mobilize house to house, village to village peacefully and when time for voting comes, let the ballot make the noise for you. We do not want to loose more Ugandans because of violence, we want a better future for all of us and our Children, yes, I know some of you could be angry, hungry and tired of NRM or Mr Yoweli Kaguta but get it that he is not here to stay because he is a human and when his time comes, it will have come, he will go and nobody knows when or how.

We want to pray that God/Allah comforts and strengthen all those who lost their loved one and may their souls Rest in Peace(R.I.P)

Let us keep safe, COVID19 is also here, prevent yourselves from it and its a matter of time, you will overcome as youth of Uganda.

Authored By: AKAMPA Tanbull, Published By: Cyclone Times

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