What really caused the death of Chad’s president, Idris Déby Itno?

Idris Déby Itno

Chad’s president Idris Déby Itno has today lost his life after three decades of ruling the country and his victory in the recently concluded Chad National Presidential elections.

According to the country’s national army, the president succumbed to wounds he acquired during a battle against rebels who had attacked the Northern part of the country over the weekend which saw him lose his life shortly after being announced the winner of the election.

Due to his untimely death, the head of state’s son was immediately announced as the incumbent basing on the fact that he was his father’s right hand man and was often seen in public acting as the fallen President’s top security guard in his signature red beret, dark shades and military uniform.

Although both government and parliament were dissolved, the country’s army vowed a free and fair election which they scheduled to hold after a period of approximately eighteen months.

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Additionally, the army announced a mandatory curfew and closure of borders with an aim of protecting the citizens against further rebel aggression and more state-related damage.

This comes hardly a month after Tanzanian former head of state John Pombe Magufuli suddenly lost his life.

Idris Déby Itno has been one of the longest serving African Presidents after he over took power through a coup in 1990 and his long time rule was only cut short by his untimely death on the 20th April 2021 as he had a few hours earlier been announced as the winner of the recently concluded election.

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