VIDEO – Woman sleeps after receiving big cassava from her boyfriend

Social media is all busy after a yet to be known man bragged after he chewed his girlfriend with big cassava until she slept off. According to the proud sumbie chewer, he warned her girlfriend that she would go to dreamland immediately after eating her awesome sumbie nonstop.


“Let me tell you that you will sleep off like a baby after you let me chew your sumbie tirelessly… I am not lying to you therefore don’t argue…,” the boyfriend said…

However, she rejected his warning but then it all ended in tears a few minutes later…

The sumbie chewer, therefore, took it to different social media platforms and bragged how his big cassava made someone go to half-dead…

 “We are still winning against the other gender“. This lady is fast asleep, you can tell that she was working night shift and it was a busy day,” he shared.

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