The need for counseling in sports sectors

Preparing the brain for a game is very daunting among footballers and here comes a sports counselor who can prepare your mind for the game.

Sports counselors or most commonly known as sports physiologists help the player with high mental stability and determined focus to achieve their goals.

A sports counselor teaches an athlete to visualize successfully completing a certain action in a sporting activity.

According to Ashiraf Lutaaya, football teams in Uganda needs professional counselors

In this article, Ashiraf Lutaaya a professional counselor elaborates why footballers need counseling, especially in Uganda.

Since counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health, career and life goals and wellness.

It also concerns supporting people to make needed changes in a way of thinking, feeling and behaving (ACA, 2010).

Although sectors including sports sector the uptake of recruiting psychologist/ counselors to support the sector is still low more especially in Uganda and Africa at large.

This has affected sportsmen and women at all levels both local and professional.

Few or no clubs in Uganda with professional sports psychologist or counselor who could have help sportsmen and women with psychological challenges.

These include anxiety, anger, stress, trauma, grief and relationship difficulties which do affect negatively their careers once left unattended to by professionals.

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Many sportsmen and women fear to disclose the psychological issues they face due to lack of immediate professional counselor or a psychologist at club.

This has affected their performance, remaining with unresolved issues wanting to protect their image of being a celebrity hence poor mental health which in long run affect ones career and the sports club’s goals.

Sports sectors should at least employ professional psychologists or work with organizations that have professional psychologists where sportsmen and women can be attended to effectively and attain proper mental well-being for better representation of the club on and out pitch.

Psychologists or counselors can help the sector;

They help one to overcome mental roadblocks and improve their performance in the club.

Equipping sportsmen and women with mental strategies to deal with setbacks, injuries, competition/ pressure, stress among others.

Help to develop a focus on the career they pursue for proficiency and self-actualization.

Let’s work together to professionalize our sector by including professionals, for better products in our country and outside.

A clear mind is everybody’s right, mental health for all people in different sectors.

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Herman Nnyanzi 'The Analyst' is a Ugandan multimedia sports journalist who started his career in 2017. He has a genuine strong love for sports and expertise, especially football. Contact me on +256704472629 or +256786403603

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