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“Am busy” sometimes it hurts in a relationship!!

What should hit your mind when a man says he’s too busy? Well if it happens once in a while for a valid reason then I suggest you be in position to understand. But if it happens that every time you suggest meeting or spending time together he has excuses or he’s too busy then it […]

Research:10 facts why men still think they are single

Today men think they have “poor looks” is the main reason they believe they are single, new research has revealed. One man in the research carried out concluded that he was still single. Because he is ugly as f*** and has been cursed with awful genetics.These are the 10 facts why most men are single. The […]

How life can be after a great love

By the time he didn’t even love him self imagine him surprise that he could love another that deeply. That his day, life determined on her being in it, that he could do the unthinkable for her. That his whole life started to make sense when they met. He looked forward to meeting her, blushed with […]