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Pastor Jackson Senyonga
Pastor Jackson Senyonga – Elvis Mbonye is a false prophet

The CEO and founder of Christian Life Ministries Pastor Jackson Senyonga has gone on the parallel with Prophet Elvis Mbonye. In addition, he is not happy with the way Mbonye misleads the masses and then after he goes into hiding when there is trouble. Pastor Jackson Senyonga revealed to Cyclone Times Uganda that Prophet Elvis […]

Pastor Augustine Yiga
Pastor Augustine Yiga : There is no Covid-19 in Uganda

Pastor Augustine Yiga says there is no Covid-19 or coronavirus in Uganda. Speaking to the media yesterday pastor Yiga passed out strong “points” to the nation about Covid-19. “According to President Museveni’s speech and information from the Ministry of Health, the following are the signs and symptoms of Covid-19. High temperatures, fevers, cough, and running […]