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Namwanja Peter
Happy Birthday to our own Namwanja Peter

With a person so dynamic, so versatile, life seems to be so much fun. It feels like heaven to be your best friend. I truly love your way of caring and loving. You are always there when I need you. Namwanja Peter, You never say ‘ I told you so’ when I do not listen […]

eden hazard
Eden Hazard: R. Madrid fans are better than Chelsea fans

Eden Hazard admits that Real Madrid fans are more loving than Chelsea fans. The Belgian forward moved from Stamford Bridge for a reported fee of £130m in the summer after seven years at the Bridge. “I think that here the fans are really fans,” said Hazard, ahead of Wednesday’s Champions’ League group game against PSG. […]

Expressway: Man shot shared pictures showing lots of money

Ruhegyera Joshua Nteireho who they shot on Thursday night along the expressway. Together with a one Maya Florence Kamukazi lived a socialite life, according to his friends.  According to reports indicated that Nteireho was a bodyguard to Kamukazi, his friends were not convinced by that. But they added that the deceased was a friend and […]

Entebbe Expressway: bodyguard, Female Rwandan national shot dead

Police in Entebbe is searching for a way in which a bodyguard and female Rwandan nationals were shot dead. This took place along the Entebbe expressway road close to Mpala stage on Thursday night. The shooting took place around 11.50pm. Sources in Police have named the deceased as Ruhegyera Ntereho Joshua, a bodyguard, and resident […]

President Mnangagwa: says Robert Mugabe was Zimbabwe’s liberator

Zimbabwe’s current President, Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that  Robert Gabriel Mugabe was country’s liberator. Robert Mugabe, 95, who has been admitted at Singapore hospital since April died this Friday morning after battling ill health. He lost power in a military coup in November 2017. To end his thirty years in power and replaced by Mnangagwa. […]

Nagirinya : Police releases CCTV Video showing suspect

The Uganda Police Force has released CCTV video of one of the suspects in the murder of Maria Nagirinya. Nagirinya was kidnapped and later recovered dead in Mukono district. However, the video which is set in photographic format, the suspect is wearing a white shirt, a red coat and a cap on his head. He is […]

Abasawo Obutamanya Nnimi Zaakugereesa Kinokoddwayo Ng’ekimu Kubisomooza Abaliko Obulemu Abawangadde N’akawuka

Abasawo Obutamanya Nnimi Zaakugereesa Kinokoddwayo Ng’ekimu Kubisomooza Abaliko Obulemu Abawangadde N’akawuka Abasawo Obutamanya no’obutabeera na mpuliziganya gyebayinza kwogeramu n’abantu abaliko obulemu  for example bw’obutawulira. N’okwogera kinokoddwaayo ng’ekimu kw’ebyo ebikyasinze okusomooza abantu abaliko obulemu abawangaala n’akawuka ka Mukenenya. Omu kubaliko obulemu awangadde n’akawuka ka Mukenenya Edward Kanamungiri  ategeezezza. Radio Buddu nti abasawo abasinga tebaatendekebwa nnimi ze […]

Bobi Wine: “We shall save Uganda from dictatorship,” tells Bunyoro

Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has assured the people of Bunyoro that its time to fight dictatorship in the country. and it starts from their region by voting an opposition candidate in the forthcoming by-election. Kyagulanyi joined the campaign rally of the joint opposition candidate Asinansi Nyakato Kamanda. Who is running for Hoima district woman […]

Xenophobic attacks: DRC, Rwanda withdraw but Museveni, wife travel to South Africa

The Presidents canceled their invitations to flee to South Africa is based on the Xenophobic attacks on the black migrates who live there.  Malawi’s president Peter Mutharika, DRC president Felix Tshisekedi and Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame. Have pulled out of the World Economic Forum on Africa which was due on Cape Town, in South Africa. […]

world news
Pope Francis saved by firefighters when he got stuck in his elevator for 25 minutes

The Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis was yesterday saved after firefighters when he got stuck in his personal elevator.   Francis apologized to crowds gathered in St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City on Sunday. After showing up late for his weekly address. In his address, he explained: “Dear brothers and sisters, good morning. First […]