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Lyn’s Silent Feelings final episode: cyclone times stories

Lyn’s Silent Feelings final episode: cyclone times stories I Took two days to recollect myself and finally, on one quiet evening I decided to go visit Jack. Packed some few cloths  of mine and boarded  off to Mityana where he stayed. Reached at around 7:30 pm and found no one home. Decided to call him […]

Lyn’s Silent Feelings Part 4: cyclone times stories

Cyclone times brings you Lyn’s Silent Feelings Part 4 proudly sponsored by Lyn Lyn stories. Read, Share and like. I dressed in a short black Patra and a crop top, and after tied an “ilesu” around me, making sure it was not tight enough on me. My heart skipped a little bit the moment he […]

LYN’s Silent Feelings part 1-cyclone times stories

LYN’S SILENT FEELINGs part 1, cyclone times After one and a half years of my stay at Mama Nankya’s rentals, we received a word that a new neighbor would be moving in. Most of the other neighbors were either married or close to married. However, from the looks of it, this new neighbor was a […]