SwangZ Avenue officially signs the Kwata Essimu singer FreeBoy Adams

Swangz Avenue has today officially signed the Kwata Essimu singer FreeBoy Adams into their audio and Film production house. FreeBoy rocked fame after her collaboration with Swangz Avenue’s Winnie Nwagi which was welcomed by the audience. “Kwata Essimu” is a Luganda word which means “Pick up the phone” in the English Language.

Fortebet Uganda

However, FreeBoy Adams’s voice is similar to that of Legend Kiwewa. Therefore people first thought it was Kiwewa ft Nwagi. Hmm, when they watched the video of recent, they were mesmerized by seeing a young handsome FreeBoy Adams enjoying moments with Winnie Nwagi in the video…

Briefly, whats Swangz Avenue?

Benon Mugumya

SwangZ Avenue is a famous audio and Film production house based in Uganda. However, many people know it because of its awesome music production projects, grooming artists, and effective promotion of its products. Ugandan Musician Benon Mugumya is the whole brain behind the existence of the Swangz Avenue way back in 2008. Meanwhile, for some reason, Swangz Avenue has greatly lead to the development of the Ugandan Music Industry. Musicians, for example, Goodlyfe crew, Rabadaba, GNL Zamba, Irene Ntare, Winnie Nwagi, Vinka, Azawi, etc have done good music from Swangz.

Who is the FreeBoy Adams, the Kwata Essimu Singer?

FreeBoy Adams the Kwatta Essimu Singer

FreeBoy is a recording artist, songwriter, singer from the Republic of Uganda. In addition, he was born in the year 1996. The 24-year-old started his music career way back his childhood and started performing at High school functions and local talent shows. It’s a Developing Story, stay online

Watch Kwata Essimu HD Video Now [Courtesy]

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