Samia set to visit Kenya & mend bilateral trade between the two countries

Tanzania’s appointed President Samia Suluhu is set to visit Kenya in order to mend the strained relationship between the two neighboring countries.

By the time Tanzania’s late President John Pombe Magufuli died, the bilateral relationship between Kenya and Tanzania was not under favorable conditions as many Kenya goods were confiscated, day-old chicks were burnt and blockage of dairy and confectionery products among others.

However, President Samia aims at turning tables around and easion down to the built up tension between the two East African countries, in her address to the Parliament of Tanzania she said;

“Our country has been blamed over unpredicted investment laws and policies as well as nepotism, when investors want to invest. We want to remove red tape in our desire to woo investors – including issuance of work permits and license…We have lost revenue leading to the collapse of businesses in our country. This is due to bureaucracies and improper ways of collecting tax. It is a high time we changed the way we conduct ourselves with investors.”

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To this, a Kenyan diplomatic replied “We are looking at resolving these issues without noise. More importantly, we are looking at working more closely to integrate our people and relate through institutions we have created, Tanzania and Kenya need each other forever but we are not saying there won’t be problems. We are working hard to create an environment where those issues can be sorted out normally.”

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Tanzania President Samia Suluhu seems to be committed to ensuring that the East African countries unify and the East African Community revived. She was in Uganda last month to seal of the crude oil pipeline deal.


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