Quarantine Turn Up the Vibe mp3 download by Ykee Bender ft Bobi Wine

Ykee Bender has hit the studio to redo the Turn Up the vibe Quatantine version of the song during this lockdown. In this new Quarantine Turn Up the Vibe, Ykee Bender featured His Excellency Bobi Wine, Nubian Li, and Apass. Many artists have composed various songs to sensitize the masses on the dangerous COVID-19 pandemic.

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For instance, His Excellency Bobi Wine featured Nubian Li on the Coronavirus alert jam. This song went viral because it carries a very strong message about the signs and symptoms of Coronavirus. He talked about serious fevers, dry cough and sneezing full time as the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Therefore he urged the people to keep alert of the Global pandemic.

Watch the Coronavirus alert song by Bobi Wine ft Nubian Li, be patient as it loads

Coronavirus alert video from Bobi Wine Ft Nubian Li

Therefore, it left many Ugandan musicians asking themselves a lot of questions on how to pass on their COVID-19 sensitization messages to their fans. That is why Ykee had to rock the studio and cook something educative for the general public of Uganda

Coronavirus alert mp3 download (official audio) by Bobi Wine and Nubian Li

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Turn Up the vibe free mp3 download by Ykee Bender ft Apass

Watch the Quarantine Turn Up the Vibe song by Ykee Bender ft Bobi Wine, Nubian Li, and Apass, be patient as it loads

Quarantine Turn Up the Vibe version by Ykee Bender

“Hello my people out there, as you Quarantine at your homes, I have decided to redo the Turn Up the Vibe the Quarantine Version. Big up to Bobi Wine, Nubian Li and Apass for mashing this up,” Ykee Bender said in the introversion.

We as Cyclone Times Uganda want to thank all Ugandan artists for sacrificing their time to produce COVID-19 songs. These songs really carry strong educative messages in them, thus sensitizing the masses to keep vigilant. In addition, we also thank the Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Health for doing the job well to ensure all Ugandans are safe.

Quarantine Turn Up the Vibe by Ykee Bender Ft Bobi Wine
Ykee Bender in Studio

Listen to the Quarantine Turn up the vibe song because we believe you won’t stay the same after listening to it. Share it with your friends, loved ones and everyone out there. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to Ykee Bender’s YouTube channel and also our newsletter every week. STAY SAFE, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

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