Christina Music Ug Releases Awesome Love song before Christmas

Uganda’s female rising star Christina music ug has officially released a new love banger dubbed Oliwambala… This song is a cool love song where Christina Music Ug poured out all her heart for her lover… Read the article to the end for the direct download link

This year has not done Uganda’s entertainment industry good ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country… The government through the Ministry of Health put a ban on all music shows/concerts, closed bars etc…

The Oliwambala hit singer has revealed to us that she did have a hard year as well… This is because most her shows were all cancelled thus losing out on a lot of revenue…

Christina started music when she was in primary two and that was from st Kizito Sabina primary school found in Rakai. As a young child, she had passion for music and she revealed that she used to admire the blue 3s by then.

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According to Christina, she used to sing a lot of their music. Her primary school was a school of music and therefore she thinks its the reason why she took music up to now. It inspired her so much. Christina says that they used to have visitors coming from outside countries and in 2014 when she was still in primary seven Aunt Madeline and Adams taught her how to play guitar. In addition and these increased her love for music.


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