Nubian Li Pens letter to People Power Supporters from Kitalya Prison

Singer and Political activist Ali Buken alias Nubian Li has penned down a letter to National Unity Platform supporters LIVE from Kitalya prison. This followed after his visitors who had gone to visit at Kitalya prison were denied access to see him… In addition and all the other 49 who are still in prison.

In his letter, Nubian Li revealed that he is still strong though he cannot meet his fans and principal physically. He also said that he is prayerful and hopeful that soon he will be out of Kitalya prison.

“Hey everyone, it’s so nice to hear from you and know that you have come a long way to check on us. It’s unfortunate that we cannot meet physically but we are so overwhelmed by your visit.

We are very strong, prayerful, and hopeful that soon we are gonna be out of here… Just know that “Tebalina Kyebatugamba”. Anti Twasalawo Kulumba Nalo boi… Am gonna send your regards to all… God bless you and guide you all the way… We love and miss you guys too,” Nubian Li wrote.

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