Museveni should retire? There is no problem with Museveni retiring, says M7

The President of the Republic of Uganda Gen. Yoweri K Museveni has through his Facebook page indirectly revealed how he isn’t ready to retire now.


Museveni has indicated that NRM is not after jobs but the mission of Patriotism (down with sectarianism in Uganda), Pan-Africanism in Africa, social – economic transformation and democracy.

He has also reminded those talking of taking over power to remember ideology and not biology.

See his full statement below.

My family never joined the modern religion until 1947, almost 50 years from the coming of the Europeans.

In my family, prior to my taking up a temporary teaching job in 1965, after our O – levels, nobody had even ever been a Muruka chief. My father and a number of my uncles died recently, all of them in their 90s. None of them has ever worked for the Government.

My children have finished their education. Except for Muhoozi who loves the Army, none of them is working for the Government. In 1971, I resigned from a government job to fight the regime of Idi Amin, yet Amin was welcoming our group to join.

Indeed, some of our colleagues – Wanume Kibedi, Nabudere, Rugumayo – joined Amin. We resigned our jobs: Museveni – Assistant Secretary for Research, President’s Office – age 26; Martin Mwesiga – State Attorney; Mwesigwa Black – Economist UDC, Rwaheru – Engineer, The Uganda Railways Corporation, Birihanze – lecturer, literature etc., etc. All these years – ever since 1971 – we either work for no pay or for low pay.

Therefore, stop wasting time thinking that NRM is after jobs. It is after the mission of Patriotism (down with sectarianism in Uganda), Pan-Africanism in Africa, social – economic transformation and democracy.

Recently, I pointed out that 63 years after Ghana’s Independence in 1957, the Post-Independence African leaders, except for Mwalimu Nyerere and Abeid Karume that united Tanganyika and Zanzibar to form Tanzania, have succeeded in creating a Latin America in Africa instead of creating a United States of Africa in Africa which was the vision of Osagyefo Nkrumah and Mwalimu Nyerere, of which we are disciples.

You see the misery that is going on in Africa – Africans dying like flies in the Sahel of Somalia, etc. It is good the East African leaders are now committed to the confederation of East Africa and they appointed me as a champion for that cause.

I have read your lugambo from cover to cover, I have not seen a single comment on African integration and yet that is where our survival is.

You talk of taking power. That is all good; but remember ideology and not biology. As long as the Ugandans stand with us, we shall push this mission.

If you want to join us, you are welcome. If you do not want to do so, no problem. In the 1960s, 70s 80s and 90s, we did without the company of Kamuzu Banda and group.

Like the social media culture is in Uganda, his statement has not faced sweet reactions mostly from the opposition side. Many have mocked him as usual while others advised him to let the younger ones take over.

We have brought you some comments her below.

Mulangira Suuna

African dictators a the same, they think they a wise, they can sold every problem of African tho there people in there small countries a dying of hunger, Remaind u the problem of ug and Afri at large are leaders who over stay in power,quote M7,naye oli munanfuusi Mzy.

Stephen Atigah

Absolutely… Come join the ex presidents of Ghana. You can still mentor the youth but at your relaxed time. At your age, your are pulling the youth back in your effort to help them. Let the young ones in your party take over from you

Judith Bwerere

Mr. President me as a person I have always voted for you and love the peaceful atmosphere in the country but when it comes to jobs in the government no one knows us people from poor backgrounds yet we studied on government sponsorship and not everyone can afford capital to start own business. It hurts me so much to see the level of unemployment rendering people to hooliganisms because you don’t know how people spoil your name thinking all banyankore are okay yet we suffer locally.

Kibira Benjamin Emmanuel

As you have said that Amin was welcoming you but you didn’t join him coz your mission was to remove him, as well we will not join you coz our mission to to remove you rubbish.

RIP Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Vian Mbalangu Enoch

The ideology of Pan Africanism, Nationalism and the Patriotism are so good and I believe in the ideology of the NRM but over time you have turned Chauvinistic, however, I believe it’s high time you express your Patriotism by not living Uganda as a disintegrated state. Everything eventually comes to an end, I know you know of the late Col Gadaffi he had all these ideologies and followed them but due to his Malala and arrogance, where is the gallant Libya today.

On that note it’s my humble request to you Mr President to acknowledge the fact that you’re putting Chauvinism at the forefront mistaking it for Patriotism, Pan Africanism and Nationalism, just think about that.

Meddı Ethern

Dude I’m an NRM fun, stop over posting all this crap, just talk about the day you will leave power and or the day we shall vote one of our NRM new chair leader because we are tired of the same jazz you are jazzing about, I wish Amama Mbabazi was the President huh

Ainomugisha Peter Patel

You have failed to solve uganda’s problems and j keep confusing us that you are interested in a United Africa ,,please how far can you go in uniting the entire Africa which you haven’t done in 35 years, please in the little time you’re left with undo the harm you have done to our country and retire peacefully. You have devided Uganda into 145+ districts and uncountable constituencies then I hear you saying you want United States of Africa,,that’s not a solution to uganda’s problems,

Paul Ronald

You’re just obsessed with leadership, don’t involve activism ideologies in fulfilling your dictatorial governance.

The Baganda have a saying that says; ekita ekitava ku ssengejjero……….. (get a Muganda to explain it to you) It’s better to retire now before undoing all that you’ve done right. And we never asked you to fight for us, stop reminding us how you fought

Levi Sakit

I know when the time is right ,you will handover power peacefully, we don’t want our country to go back to war as you always say, Some of us trust the natural way of doing things and not what you’ve always said about war. Power is vanity, Peace Matters. #ForGodAndMyCountry

JayJay Waziri Karuoyah

In your statement in 1986 after you forcefully took over power you said” the problem with Africa is leaders who overstay in power, please do not put us in that category of people” so what changed you became part of the problem you were complaining about. Do you sincerely believe there is nobody who can lead as long as you are alive?

Ssemakula Uthuman

With all the fresh water bodies, our water system is one of the poorest in the region, with all the water bodies and dams of late, our electricity bills are one of the highest if not in the region. We even afford to export electricity while Ugandans suffer with the same locally. Corruption, dishonesty from the government you lead is too much. Hon. Lutamaguzi spends 2 weeks in jail, at the same time, Mr. Katesh, Minister for finance, are seen campaigning, nothing is done. You’ve created classes in this country that Ugandans are not united at all. And you speak of uniting Africa

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