Mr Frank M. Gashumba and Opposition here are Some free facts about Ugandan roads constructed by NRM/President Museveni

Mr Frank M. Gashumba, I write to you regarding the missive you call a fact that has been circulating on different social media platforms regarding the roads NRM Government has built since 1986.

You claim that only 4363 Kilometres of Tarmac roads have been constructed in the last 34 years NRM has been in power and that on average 128.3 Km of roads per year and that with about 20,544Km of Road coverage Uganda has, it would take about 126 years to tarmac the current road coverage in Uganda.

You go further to compare us with what Uhuru Kenyatta has constructed in a period of about 3-8 years at a half a cost of building roads in Uganda.

This propaganda has been picked up by some opposition leaders or figures who have not even minded about whether this is true or not, but because the opposition does not largely research I will not fault them much because this is their usual gymnastics of playing on the minds of Ugandans, but still I expected you ( Mr Frank M. Gashumba) to have facts on your finger tips, may be the word ”facts” in your own diction has changed meaning, and it means something else.

Well research about the real facts, the NRM Government under H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is expanding on the tarmac road networks to 6000Km and by mid 2021, we shall have hit this target.

A total of 1,162Km, promised in 2016-2021 manifesto have been completed, these are 21 roads in number, to mention but a few, Atiak-Nimule (35.0Km), Ishaka-Kagamba (35.4Km), Moroto-Nakapiripirit (114.0Km), Kampala-Entebbe Expressway/Munyonyo (51.0KM), Soroti-Katakwi-Moroto (150.0Km)…among others and a total of 449.2K of old roads have been rehabilitated/reconstructed, these 8 roads include Katunguru-Hima-FortPortal (60.0Km), Mukono-Kayunga-Njeru (94.0Km), Lira-Corner Kamdini (49.0Km), Katunguru-Kasese ( 40.0Km), Mbale-Sironko-Kapchorwa-mbale town roads (66.2Km), Nansana-Busunju (47.0Km), Kyenjojo-Fortportal (50.0Km), Kafu-Kiryandongo-Kamdini (43.0Km), further more another total of 1,375.0Km (18 in number scattered across the country) are under reconstruction and these do not include the roads under KCCA.

Still more, 929.3Km roads are under procurement, these are also 18 in number, and a total of over 40 new roads of total 2516.22Km are to be constructed in the due course.

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By the way, how was Uganda’s economy in the 1986 when President Museveni and his group took power and where is it now compared to the Kenya of Uhuru Kenyatta you rant about? Are you even aware that Uganda went for economic reforms because it was found in shambles?

Still more, Kenya notwithstanding that they have been stable since their independence in 1963, which has enabled them to have a total of about 11,000Km of tarmac roads including City roads, do the math and see who has actually done more than the other.

Then the other issue of roads in Uganda being expensive, look at land laws, in Kenya land largely belongs to Government, in Uganda, land largely belongs to the Citizens(Ugandans) and to construct a road into some one’s land, Government pays huge sums of money, in land compensations than any other Country in East Africa, simple things I thought you knew but alas!

These are some of the facts that make people like you Mr Frank M Gashumba and your fellow opposition propagandists envy the NRM Government and President Museveni. * (Zino facts zeziluma abayaye nga mwe)! And it hurts your further when you see that you will die in your own movie when NRM and President Museveni is given another mandate of five years on 14th January 2021 to continue securing the future of Ugandans.

Fellow Ugandans, please do not be deceived by these alarmists, sadists in opposition like Frank M Gashumba and others, the Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa is the way to a secured future of Ugandan, let us give him another mandate to lead Uganda come 14th January 2021 at your different polling stations. We shall secure a peaceful transition when that time comes.

By: AKAMPA Tanbull
National Coordinator: YouthAgenda2021
[email protected]

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