Mixed Reactions as Kahinda Otafiire seeks Sympathy from Social media

Major General Kahinda Otafiire has said that it was right for the US to sanction the top Uganda army and police officials who were involved in the violation of human rights.

According to Otafiire, some people after killing and violating human rights always think of running away but it is good some countries like the US have banned them from seeking refuge or asylum thereafter their wrongdoings.

Kahinda Otafiire adds that as Uganda, we should learn to respect each other and create a peaceful environment that will accommodate us all rather than misusing our offices.

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The US Congress called for the sanctioning of Maj Gen Muzeyi Sabiiti, Lt Gen Peter Elwelu, Abel Kandiho, Maj Gen Don William Nabasa, James Birungi, Frank Mwesigwa, and others who oversaw the killing of many Ugandans in riots that followed the arrest of Hon Kyagulanyi Bobi Wine in Luuka.

Reactions from Social-Media In-laws

Bob Sebastian: “This time round u have reasoned like a patriotic citizen. Advise yo fellow leaders Major Gen. U claim this country is peaceful but many people are being killed slowly. Is it the leadership u fought for?”

Cotoirao Senior: “Kahinda Otafiire is trying to dodge the slaps and the blows that follows, he should be on top the list plus his commander in chief”

Konde Charles: “Otafiire you’re a snake, worth pounding on the head !!! You sound good, but your actions are poisonous like a snake and stings like a bee !!!”

Davii Nkata: “So Otafire ur down earth trying to seek sympathy yet ur mouth 72 hrs ago sounded stinky”.

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