Minister Frank Tumwebaze warns Ayume about Bobi Wine’s Endorsement

Minister Frank Tumwebaze has warned NRM’s Koboko Municipality MP Candidate Dr. Charles Ayume not to be excited about Hon Kyagulanyi’s endorsement.

A couple of things have happened ever since National Unity Platform’s presidential candidate Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine endorsed NRM’s Charles Ayume for the seat of MP Koboko Municipality. This endorsement however caused mixed reactions within the National Resistance Movement (NRM) camp…

Minister Frank Tumwebaze says that it could be an intended journey to destroy him and the influence of NRM in the region. Tumwebaze adds that he sees no reason why Kyagulanyi could start pointing out at a few NRM Candidates calling them good yet he preaches hatred and negativity about the party all over the country.

Frank Tumwebaze warns Charles Ayume about Bobi Wine's Endorsement
Dr. Charles Ayume

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Tumwebaze also says that after NUP lacking Candidates in some constituencies, it has resorted to tight roping on NRM’s Candidates to keep the shame away of not being popular in certain regions.

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