Masaka court to reinstate murder charges against Theodore Ssekikubo

Masaka court to reinstate murder charges against Theodore Ssekikubo

Honorable Theodore Ssekikubo the Lwemiyaga county parliament legislator is set to be recharged for an offense he committed over ten years ago which entails attempted murder and misuse of arms.

Basing on a statement by state attorney, Stella Basuuta, Ssekikubo must answer to the charges a second time due to newly discovered evidence that incriminates him and points fingers in his direction.

The old wounds were reopened after Theodore Ssekikubo lead a group of protestants which mainly categorized of pastoralists that were demonstrating against quarantine that was placed on cattle due to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease within Sembabule district in January last year.

After his asset then, the Chief Magistrate of Masaka was forced to drop charges basing on the above accusations since there were no witnesses to testify in favour of the state.

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However, another string was pulled as the Police modified the accused’s charge sheet including the offense of his alleged attempted murder back in 2010 when the National Resistance Movement was holding her primaries in Sembabule district.

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The prosecution with immediate effect stated that Hon. Theodore Ssekikubo must keep answering to his offenses under state attorney Stella Basuuta who told court that she is still reviewing the evidence and adjourn the court session for next month, 18th May, 2021.

Although the legislator tried to object and accuse the prosecution of visiting a case he has been charged upon multiple times and acquainted due to lack of sufficient evidence, his pleas fell on deaf ears.

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