I Kissed A girl – Shakilla narrates how she started eating fellow girls

A lot of things have surely happened during this COVID-19 pandemic. Many personalities have come to the limelight yet they would have never hit the spotlight under normal circumstances. Kenya’s Tik-Tok queen Azziad Nasenya and Shakilla are some of the celebrities who have made it during this pandemic. Shakilla is blessed with a cute smile and nice body which leaves men unstable. According to reports, at 18 she already owns a house in a lavish neighborhood.

Hmm, Shakilla has revealed that she became a lesbian because of her friend who introduced her to that act. She says that she was approached by a girl who ignited her intentions by asking for friendship way back in high school.


“When I was a Limuru Girls, there was a lot of skepticism here and there… Girls ‘dormitory, girls’ groups. I was suspended twice… For that group, I remember there was one girl named Isha. Uyu Isha was a lesbian, she was that she likes girls… We were second form. Now one day he came to the place where I was sleeping and he came and told me, oh, Shakilla, I want us to be friends… He was always following me. When we went to the swim changing room he was following me,” she said.

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