Saif-llah Ashraf Kasirye Shot, not Dead, in Critical Condition

JUST IN – Radio one and Bobi Wine‘s news reporter for Ghetto TV, an online TV Saif-llah Ashraf Kasirye has been allegedly shot at in the head… In addition, as a Presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu was leaving Masaka district. This is where he had attended church in the morning, however, reports coming in show that Ashraf has been taken to Masaka Hospital in critical condition.

 “I will never lie the world. You have my word on that.” I will defend the Truth. Those were the Words of Saif-llah Ashraf Kasirye in one of his interviews

Ashraf Kasirye is Bobi Wine’s Most Trusted Journalist & one of the best Field Front line news reporters and journalist in Uganda we have right now. As a reporter, he is a joy to listen to while he does his commentary during his live streams. In addition, and his English is almost flawless. He is fearless while being respectful and is professional.

Those who have been watching Ghetto Tv live streams, You know this Guy. His voice is heard is several videos,crying and shouting “batta Bobi,Bobi get down”Put off the air conditioner in the car & we neutralize the Tear gas, Bobi stay up and sometimes I couldn’t hold itit was so emotional.

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Details to follow…

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