Footage – Thugs Runoff with over 100M after Robbing Chinese Nationals in Kyambogo

Four people including  3 men and a lady have been caught on camera after disguising as National Water and Sewerage Cooperation employees and Robing a Chinese resident of $4500 and UGX85 million. This incident took place today morning at Kyambogo Lower Estate Endinburg Avenue.

According to police, they nocked at the door pretending to be workers of NWSC, upon entering, the assailants held the cook who was the only one at the home captive, tied him up as they executed the Robbery mission, the Housemaid who also came minutes shortly was also held captive as the robbers equally tied her up and locked her up in the washroom.

“Indeed the Robbery took place and cash over 85M was stollen, 4500USD that was inset the safe was taken as the thieves broke the safe.

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Cameras are mounted in the residence and the footages are there much as the assailants covered faces with helmets,” Police confirmed. Meanwhile, the footage is going viral over the internet.


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