Dad I can’t eat, nor Sleep – Bobi Wine’s daughter Suubi pens a letter to him

Social media in-laws together with Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine’s supporters almost shade tears after reading through Subbi’s letter to her dad. Suubi is one of Bobi Wine’s daughters who flew to the United States before Uganda went to the polls… However, her father has been in detention at his home in Magere since Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was declared the winner as the next president of Uganda by the independent electoral commission.

According to the letter, Suubi revealed that at this time she can’t eat nor sleep because she feels her dad is not well…

“Dad I can’t eat, nor Sleep. Suubi pens a second letter to Dad.

#Dear_Dad, 21/01/2021

How is my sweet mum together with you. My life is never the same ever since I left you in the hands of Museveni. Dad I can’t stop crying because Shadreck is always crying, Kampala is always crying. Dad Why are you so silent, Dad are you alive ,Dad why please don’t dad.


All over the news we could watch you in narrow death escapes and my heart could😭 while still in Uganda.Why are the soldiers all over our home in pictures over the net. Do they want to kill you and please don’t get out of the house, Hide in my closet. My dad, I love you so much but now I don’t know how you are, Days have gone when we don’t hear from you, we have taken time minus seeing you, What is going on Dad. I thought you wanted us to enjoy life yet it was a hidden plan dad. My mum please tell Dad you two to come and stay with us, who will raise us please. Dad, it’s me Suubi,” she wrote.

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