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To The Girl Whose Boyfriend I’m Sleeping With

Sorry, but I’m not sorry. I know you think we’re sleeping together. You don’t make a terrible effort to hide your insecurity regarding our friendship. I’m not going to make excuses for the behavior, because when it all started you weren’t in the picture—or so that’s what I thought. I know better now. You deserve […]

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“I call her my granny, the best grand dad in the world” Melissa said the moment I met her first guardian. he was an aged man probably in his late seventies. “Im Lynn, your daughter’s friend” I introduced myself… he was happy…since he smiled, portraying his teethless mouth. “where is the grand mom” I asked. […]

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Mama Theresa advised me to take heart in all my trying moments. That they were just here for a moment and soon, they would be no more. she told me what mattered was that my husband still loved me, and that he had never left me alone at any one moment. she also told me […]

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Beautiful Venge Episode 5

We hugged, the moment he saw me. It was a long passionate hug. Mama Theresa blind folded Richard, saying he was too young to see us hugging for that long. He then tried kissing me on the lips, but I turned away. This was now the kind of life I was not used too. Before […]

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Tears started gushing down my chin. I was crying, not because of the pain I was feeling, but because I missed my dad, I missed my little sister Lilly, I missed home,, and may be, I missed mama’s love. the fat lady got hold of me and encouraged me to take heart, that all would […]

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Thoughts of leaving my baby under that tree engraved my heart. I walked, with a bleeding heart all over me…I didn’t know where to go, neither to whom to turn to. I didn’t realize that I didn’t look left or right as I was crossing the road, a car ran into me. I awoke in […]

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I collected myself up together before day light as I was all soaked in blood. Couldn’t bear people seeing me in such a state. I aimed at only heading at my friend’s home. By six sharp in the morning, I was there and like a thief hid behind their lavatory, until her parents drove away […]

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I was in my form 6 vacation when I learnt that the woman I had grown up with wasn’t actually my mother. I always wondered why she treated me differently from Lillian, my other little sister but never got to know why. we used to live in the rich outskirts of Kamokya. Papa used to […]

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An apology to my husband’s ex-wife, in 13 parts

By Maggie Haukka I had an affair with your husband, to whom I am now married, and I am so, so sorry. If there is one decision in my life I could undo, it would be this. Because of what it did to you, because of what it’s done to me, and because it was […]

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The stranger I met in a Taxi – Part 1

It was threatening to rain by the time i left my work place and headed to the old taxi park to board back home. It surprised me finding a long queue of people all waiting for the same taxis heading to Bweyogere -Mukono and so forth. I was feeling exhausted so I pushed myself through […]

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