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Opinion: Lord Mayor Erias Wins KCCA battle

I have seen many people going against Lord Mayor’s excitement over Musisi’s resignation..well. True as per your conscience..however, to some extent Lukwago is right. The state imposed Musisi to weaken Opposition’s power in Kampala where Lukwago is a big influencer. She worked so hard to suppress Mayor’s voice and involvement in the city’s activities. We […]

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NYANJURA DOREEN: Stop the illegal suspension, dismissal of students!

Makerere University’s anthem represents values and virtues that whoever goes through the institution, must practice and live them. The corner stone of the anthem is standing up against injustices, demanding for freedom and fairness irrespective of the circumstances and that’s why our fore fathers and leaders designated the freedom square for all Makerereans to espouse […]

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Cold War: An open letter to Karamagi from Don Wanyama Dear Andrew Karamagi, I saw the note you wrote to me. I should have responded much earlier but there were more important issues to attend to. Now that I have a few minutes to spare, let me address some of the issues you raise. First, I want to commend you for the flawless English […]

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Change of wind threatens to break FDC

By Ofwono Opondo While it may still be too early to write the political obituary of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party, the events that have rumbled during the past one year, and still going on, tempt one to conclude that the ‘change of wing’ is blowing away FDC towards an antagonistic and irreconcilable […]

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Besigye extremists have finally split FDC! – Andrew Mwenda

KAMPALA- My predictions have finally come true: FDC is breaking up: 22 out of its 36 members of parliament are quitting to form a new political party. And these 22 are the most enlightened individuals in FDC. Initially they will present the party as a pressure group to avoid the requirement of returning to their constituencies […]

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Govt re-introduces compulsory speed governors for public vehicles

Cabinet on Monday  approved the proposal by Ministry of Works to introduce compulsory use of digital speed limiters in all commercial vehicles. According to a statement issued by information minister Frank Tumwebaze, the Cabinet meeting which was chaired by President Yoweri Museveni, approved the proposal purposely to address road carnage in Uganda. Mr Tumwebaze said […]

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Things Women Who’ve Been Cheated On Many Times Do

They say a scorned woman (one who has been betrayed) is more furious than anything that hell can devise. However, women who have been hurt by their lovers are extremely sensitive human beings and they deserve attention, patience, love, passion and empathy, and if you approach her for love, you must play your cards right […]

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Negotiations Continue Over Zuma: Will He Go Now or Now-Now?

By Agency  That’s how a South African weekly over the weekend summarized the uncertainty surrounding President Jacob Zuma’s fate as the nation’s leader. Yes, he’ll almost certainly step down, but not right now. Instead, it’ll be sometime in the near future, or, to use a quintessential South African expression, “now-now.” Negotiations between Mr. Zuma and his deputy and […]

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