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“Tell us if you did something wrong we pay” Angry parents retorted to the graduation list missing students

Kyambogo – Over 7,000 students are graduating this year at Kyambogo University, however, some of them didn’t end the university studies well after this website landed on a group of students with their parents stuck after not being read  in the graduation square or ceremony and missing in the graduation book and addendum. The fully […]

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UCU guild elections nullified

The Guild Election results of Uganda Christian University, Mbale Campus have been nullified. The elections were held on November 2, at the Mbale Campus. Yonasani Bululu was announced the winner after defeating his rival Jacqueline Ajego with only five votes. Bululu polled 301 votes, Jacqueline Ajego 296 votes while Ben Francis Kidongo got 204 votes. […]

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Kyambogo University wins University football league 2018

The second public University of Uganda emerges a winner after edging Kampala University 3-2 in penalties. The game first ended 3 – 3 in extra time which resulted into penalties where KYU defeated the “KU”. Congratulations Kyambogo University 4,573 total views, 13 views today

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Police arrest four UCU students over smoking shish, confiscate pots Julian

Police on weekend arrested four students and confiscated a number of shisha pots in an anti-tobacco operation conducted jointly by the Uganda National Health Consumers Organisation (UNHCO) under the Ministry of Health in pursuit of implementation of the Tobacco Control Act 2015. The operation covered Casablanca, a bar commonly known for harboring shisha smokers. Statistics […]

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Water crisis hits Mary Stuart Hall, toilets left un-flushed

By Josephine Ahabwe Water crisis has hit Makerere University’s magnificent girls’ hall Mary Stuart, jamming sanitation as well as risking residents’ health situation. When Journalism@mak visited the hall on Friday, our reporter found a deteriorated health situations as toilets are left unflushed, causing them to extremly stink. The problem has been escalated by ongoing renovation […]

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The Difference Boys We Date And The Men We Should

The boy you date will duck out when you mess up. It’s like they are almost looking for reasons to end it so they use anything they can. The man you should date will forgive you for it. That first fight you realize didn’t end everything. And when you apologize you simply move on and […]

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Makerere university hospital installs biometric attendance machines

The Makerere University hospital has installed the Biometric attendance machine to solve worker absenteeism and leisurely departures and arrivals. The machine was procured and installed early this semester using the 15 percent tuition increment on the first year students’ medical fees. The machine has been put at the hospital entrance and works by detecting the […]

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Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, the makerere University Vice Chancellor
Professor Barnabas Nawangwe: The Naked Village Chief

By Andrew Karamagi If Makerere University must continue advancing her stated objective of “building for the future,” the institution’s current Vice-Chancellor must shed off the character traits of insecurity, low self-esteem and blind arrogance that define village chiefs who never expected to hold such offices and now that they find themselves in such a position, […]

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Student writes dossier to Makerere Vice chancellor over impunity, intimidating students

Dear Sir, It has come to my notice that you have become a complete autocrat when it comes to addressing issues pertaining Makerere University! You have preoccupied yourself with imprisoning, expelling and suspending every student with a dissenting opinion against your quack policies at the Ivory Tower! We have noticed that you even started descending […]

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