Businessman Abid Alam granted bail after three weeks in coolers over murder crimes

DPP withdraws charges against three police chiefs in Abid Alam murder trial

The Director of Public Prosecutions has withdrawn charges against three of the four Police Officers jointly charged with businessman Abid Alam for conspiring to defeat the course of justice.

Those whose charges were dropped include Baitera Muhanguzi, Robert Daniel Ogwellan and Wilson Azale, all from Wamala Region. They had been jointly accused of releasing confidential information about a case in which Abid Alam was a Prime Suspect.

However, according to a letter dated June 1, 2020, which has been submitted before Buganda Road Magistrates Court by the Resident State Attorney Janat Kitimbo, the DPP discontinued the charges against the three police officers and instead maintained charges against Abid Alam and Osteen Wilber Wanyama, the Wamala Regional Criminal Investigations Departments Boss.

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Abid Alam was arrested after reports that his agents had been involved in a number of atrocities and unlawful destruction of property in Bukompe village, Kassanda District, where he was bickering with persons who were resettled in the area from Luwunga Central Forest Reserve in Kiboga district.

The said land was reportedly sold to the residents, who are members of Kiboga Twegatte Cooperative Society Limited by MP Sam Bitangaro, and two others. But in a battle for ownership, Abid Alam’s agents reportedly attacked the village on April 8, 2020, and injured several employees of Major Arthur Mugyenyi before destroying three acres of his banana plantation, two houses and killing his animals.

The magistrate has now fixed July 8, 2020, as the date for further mentioning of the case after the State Attorney Kitimbo said that the inquiries are still ongoing.

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