Breaking: Bobi Wine terribly arrested from Luuka, live updates – Video

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“This is how Police under the command of Frank Mwesigwa formerly Kampala Metropolitan Police commander and Tourism police chief arrested Hon Kyagulanyi at Luuka grounds. #WeAreRemovingADictator,” Bobi Wine’s Facebook Page admin sighted.

He is accused of having more than the 200 supporters recommended by the electoral commission.

NUP President – Robert Kyagulanyi being pushed into Police van – courtesy photo
NUP President being arrested from Luuka, Photo by: Bukedde Online
NUP supporters dispersed by police teargas from Bobi Wine’s rally in Luuka. Photo by Bukedde Online

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Paul Pogans LuganziThat’s the untrained and uneducated security body we have in Uganda. Most of them join the army because of the peanuts but forgetting that the main reason is to keep law and order. If these uneducated police and army officers are educated and trained to enforce in the civilised manner and lawfully, Uganda would be by far in terms of peace,freedom,unity, socially and economically.The foolishness of someone is glanced at through his actions and words.Always no longer be forgetful that the earthly treasures are vanities. You have another place where you will be like a one week knocked dog forever.

Jeff KlinsmanBut I do not think they are police men ! Probably it’s the special force from above dressed in police uniform!By arresting him they helping his campaign become stronger and stronger.

Namuyaba MaiMuseveni is in total fear and having sleepless nights because of Kyagulanyi Sentamu’s popularity ,win and extreme love of the people, Museveni is suffering from jealousness,anger and envy, Ugandans needs prayers.


Ssebugwawo Ahrix AxsoAfter there u hear some people opening it that in Uganda m7 bought freedom but whatever has a beginning Has an end.

Miiro RobertThis is the root cause of problems in uganda,your job is to keep law and order,and in times of elections u hve to to see the venue can it meet the standards? But making arrests wont make the situation better but we are seeing yoir brutality and unethical thinking.

Ayubi SinghMartin Okoth Ochola You’ll also die like a dog one day just like those who were there before you, continue working for only person in the name of enforcing Law. By the time the Almighty intervene, it will be too late for you . watch the space.

Bridget April TsdIf at all they kill our president that’s when they will understand the meaning of enough is enough.

Marlie RiahInstead of counting the 200 people needed and block the rest from accessing the venue they decide to take away the few stil leaving behind the crowd

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