Bobi Wine has won back my trust, Stella Nyanzi

The Kampala Opposition aspiring Woman MP Dr. Stella Nyanzi has conclusively expressed the ultimate belief that Bobi Wine is a great leader who will push Museveni out of the top seat come 2021.


Dr. Stellah Nyanzi is an FDC member who joined the People Power pressure group but defied to join the National Unity Platform (NUP) for Robert Kyagulanyi.

When social media was hit by the roaring news that Kyagulanyi’s academic papers were not authentic and doctored his age, she is one of those other people who believed the allegations and vividly went ahead to spread the gospel of false hopes.

Controversies over the hailing matter hit many supporters to the nerves after the Lawyer Male Mabirizi vowed to fight Bobi Wine from appearing on the ballot come 2021on whatever cost.

Many thought that Male is a state agent planted to distract the NUP from their streamlined plans to take overpower. However, others believed that he was positioned by Bobi Wine to keep him on the scene and win sympathy from his supporters.

Most of the Popular state bloggers picked much interest in the topic to destructively bring down the Magere based opposition leader.

Stellah Nyanzi is one of those people who expressed bitter controversies over the same matter and she was on different occasions cited of her bitter comments about Kyagulanyi’s academic qualifications and age.

In the same regard, UNEB came up and cleared the public about NUP President’s qualification and its mode of operation back then when Bobi Wine sat his O and A’levels.

Later, on 31st August 2020 (Monday) Robert Kyagulanyi held a press conference to address the tormenting controversies an address which left his haters shut and others changed to his side.

Among them, was Dr. Stellah Nyanzi who through a Facebook post revealed how truthful the young leader is and she revealed how he had won her lost trust back.

Read her full statement below.

I have keenly watched and attentively listened to Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi’s statement given in response to allegations of dishonesty about his age(s), date(s) of birth, different names on national certificates of education, disparities in school attendance, and contradicting months of sitting his national examination. I am glad to have amplified the voices of those who asked the important questions.

I celebrate the principal of People Power for finally seeing the value of both accountable and responsive leadership.

I appreciate him for taking the time to engage with and explain the seeming disparities.

I applaud him for his honesty in explaining how and why his father altered his actual date of birth, describing clearly why he studied P6 and P7 in one year, and poignantly detailing his troubled journey through school. I was struck by how poverty impacted upon his education trajectory.

I found Hon. Kyagulanyi deeply endearing when he boldly embraced his failures in the national examinations. I was touched by the story of how he dropped out of his first university admission to study Social Sciences, because of lack of tuition fees. He went further to draw from the challenges he faced in school and encourage other struggling students to persevere in spite of financial hardships, constant change of school and poor performance.

I am also grateful for the linked analysis he made between the recent political history of Uganda and his own political persecution.

I liked how he made connections between the allegations brought against him and those brought against Dr. Kizza Besigye – all aimed at de-campaigning them as opposition leaders. Bobi, my ka-blaza made me understand how dictator Museveni character assassinates and deploys campaign smears against his main opponents.

Today is a good day for the liberation struggle in Uganda. Bobi Wine has won back my trust by publicly giving information that facilitated me to renew my trust in his leadership. I am glad that he responded to each of the questions I raised.

Responsive accountable leaders are a treasure for our liberation! Eeeh, Bobi Wine oyeeeeeee! People Power!!!

Stellah Nyanzi’s statement drove bitter and positive responses towards her.

Musisi Frank HP

I told you before that you’re to make a U-Turn and you denied. Have realized that knowledge doesn’t Ally with the level of education.

Shamim for Kampala because this one is not intelligent enough to fight for us the common people.

Godfrey Kawuki

Maybe next time you’ll listen to people’s side of the story before you start attacking them…. patience and calmness is also key for both leaders and and aspiring leaders!

Daniel Kawuma

Dear Dr. Stella Nyanzi,

There will be numerous attacks on opposition candidates including yourself instigated by NRM. The right thing for you to do as an aspiring Member of Parliament would have been calling Hon. Kyagulanyi and asking him about these NRM instigated allegations rather than fanning the flames on social media. It will be a challenge for Kyagulanyi’s supporters to credit an arsonist for attempting to put out the flames.

Stella Nyanzi

Daniel Kawuma

 I don’t agree with you. The issues that were raised are critical for me to continue giving my consent and support for Bobi. I did not see them as attacks but rather as questions that needed fast clarifying. I have no regrets asking them. Many Kyagulanyi supporters who support me will support me regardless of what I ask. Many others are now supporting me precisely because I asked questions that were bothering them as well.

Richard Asiimwe

Thank you Mama Stella, And that is a kind of a leader Uganda needs. He has struggled through life and God saw him through for purpose of liberating Uganda’s future. Whatever the devil intended for bad has turned out to a blessing. We can now fully identify with him, We they called scl tourists due to school fees hardships. Look at the eye attendence in just 16 minutes

Kutega Ismail

I wonder how a teacher in country like uganda still seek for the explanations from some of us to understand how we struggle to achieve academic this is real painful you got a chance to hear from him but you did not get chance to hear from all of us I wonder how you will manage the city if everything you need explanation to understand

Stella Nyanzi

Kutega Ismail

 I never struggled like Bobi to go to school. I had different struggles as a child. How can I know if I don’t ask. Better one who asks and is answered than one who pretends to know it all and makes wrong assumptions.

Nicholas Turyahabwe

It was a very nice presser indeed. It teaches a lot teachers and parents on how they should treat some important information. Imagine the head teacher advising the parent that you backdate the date of birth not knowing it may affect this person in future especially now that we have NIRA. Am currently struggling with my girl who altered her age on registration and UNEB cannot change that year, so she has to always move with an affidavit to explain the difference btn her National ID DOB and O’level Certificate DOB!

Iga Pope

I felt like crying when I remembered the same like situation I went through and how my was forced to change my age at p. 7 to fit in the exams. This was also a task for me to explain when I was applying to join the Diocese of York youthful program. The whites seemed to understand it better than those in passport office

Estar Nalwanga

Before you I used to think academic accolades have a direct equivalence with emotional intelligence but walah, Hun you rate so low on EI. Osamwasamwanyo nawe.

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