Author: Dhikusooka Brian

Diamond: I begged Jose Chameleone To Snub ‘Inabana’ Collaboration

It’s about two weeks now since  ‘Inabana’ leaked online. However, before the song could officially be released by the two singers, Jose Chameleone pulled the plug on the song. Harmonize was forced to work with Eddy Kenzo. Harmonize and Kenzo dropped the same song ‘Inabana’ after a few days. This has attracted a lot criticism […]

How to install WordPress on your PC 2019

This article intends to show WordPress beginners on how to install WordPress 2019 on their computers. Many students keep wondering how the entire installation process of WordPress on computers is done. The worry is over because this article shows you the entire process on how the process is done for instance. 1.Quick install a local […]

9 shocking reasons why many educated people are poor

The 9 reasons why many educated people are poor include: Many educated people are poor because financial education isn’t given in schools The reason why most professionals don’t know much about money is because school wasn’t designed to give education about money and it doesn’t matter how long or how many years or how many […]